Friday, July 27, 2012


I always believed that when in trouble, there is only one thing you can do that will give you the most chances to overcome whatever problem you are experiencing and help you get back on your track.


Act though, only after carefully planning your actions. Use your reason and follow your vision, do not just react to your problems. In other words, keep thinking of your strategic goals even when acting tactically. This way, your chances are that not only you will soon overcome all of your problems, but after your struggle ends, you will be on your path, facing to the right direction and even closer to your initial destination.   

Recently, just after some serious turbulence on my career, during May 2012, I knew there was zero time to waste. Therefore, one of my almost immediate actions was to start attending Project Management courses targeting to PMP Certification [1*].    

This was on my wish-list for some time ago, but every day's work just didn't let me find the time or resources for pursuing my goal. My plans are that I finish the exam preparation by the end of this summer and hopefully pass the exam no later than this fall.   

Anyway, during these few days that I am trying to delve in the realm of Project Management, I’ve got so fascinated and so excited by the beauty and the power of it, so that I have decided to start this humble blog to record my Project Management adventures from now on.   

My aim is to use this “Project Management Blog of Mine”, to share what I learn, what I find interesting and what I do, with other people who also believe that delivering successful projects to our customers, thus delivering Quality, really can make the world a better place. 

Some would say: What are you telling us? We all know that if we do our jobs better the world will go better too…Yes, but the key is that when we use Project Management to Initiate, Plan, Execute, Monitor & Control and finally Close our work, then it is more likely that we will succeed, while staying in Scope, in Time and in Cost. 

Please forgive my enthusiasm but I am convinced 110% that if we want to give to our children a better “environment” for them to leave in, one of our best chances is to practice Good Project Management everywhere that it can apply.   

The field of Project Management is endless. From State matters, to Construction or IT projects, Educational or Research work, even Art can give us a field where we can exercise our Project Management skills and fulfill the expectations of our sponsors our our customers that were kind enough to Trust us.   

I especially liked a podcast from Ricardo Vargas talking about the remarkable Project Management behind the concerts of U2, Madonna and Seal in Paris 2009. This is what I would call Real Life Project Management. It' about bringing PM benefits to everyday life. 

Like I said earlier, I am a rookie in Project Management, a Student. My quest starts today and is about learning to use PM to become a better human and a better professional. 

So let's get Projectized and see what happens. This blog will keep track...

[1*] The resources I use in my effort are: the “PMP Preparation course” Seminar conducted at 12PM by Theofanis C. Giotis, PMP, BA, MSc, Ph.D. C, the “PMBOK 4th Edition”, and the truly excellent book “PMP Exam Prep 7th Edition” by Rita Mulcahy PMP, M.B.A.